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Written by
Travis Bernard
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Attaching Media

Written by
Travis Bernard

Creek keeps all of your media in the Media Library so that you can retrieve it later. If you've uploaded Media in the past, you can re-attach it to your content. Content includes posts, broadcasts, and events.

Attaching media

  1. While editing content (a post, broadcast, or event) scroll down to the Media area
  2. Click Browse Media Library.
  3. A media browsing window will appear.
  4. You can scroll or page through the media, or just use the find tool to quickly search for a specific file.
  5. Once you find the media, click the Attach button in its row.
  6. This media will be added to the media for this content.
To leave this media browser, do not close the window or click your browser's back button. This will actually close the content editing page as well, and possibly discard your post.