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Written by
Travis Bernard
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Automation Systems

Written by
Travis Bernard

You can connect a radio automation system to Creek in order to supply music information.

Need help connecting your automation system? Contact us!


Here are tutorials for a few common automation systems:

Other automation systems

Most automation systems have a way to send out the current song info.

Creek has a universal interface, called an API, that lets you connect any automation system — as long it can send HTTP requests with song info each time it plays a song.

By GET requests
  1. Modify the ARTIST and TITLE etc. fields so that they use the "variable" syntax of your automation system.

  2. Replace YOUR-STATION-API-KEY with your API key.

By POST request
  1. Include the track information (artist, title, etc.) in the POST data.

  2. Include your API key in the POST data as: key

Finding your API key

You can find your API key by following this tutorial: API Keys

Data Fields

  • Supported data fields:
    • artist
    • title
    • album
    • label
    • year