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Written by
Travis Bernard
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Written by
Travis Bernard

Broadcasts are the content for shows.

  • They can include text, an image gallery, audio, video, and a playlist.
  • Broadcasts should be scheduled for the same date and time that they will happen.
  • There should only be one broadcast per time slot for that show.

Midnight is the next day

If a broadcast occurs on midnight, make sure to use the date for the following day.


Broadcasts for music shows can have a text playlist attached. Use the playlist builder to create a playlist during your show. While entering this playlist, the live "now playing" data will be available for Creek to push to your station's website. Using the Creek API, you can also have the data get pushed to a mobile app (or even an in-car text encoder if you are running an FM station).


Broadcasts that have an MP3 attached in their Media are added to the podcast for their show.

Disabling podcasts

To add an MP3 to a broadcast, but keep the broadcast out of the show's podcast feed, add the MP3 with the insert in text feature instead.