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Written by
Travis Bernard
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Intro to content types

Written by
Travis Bernard


For most stations, Broadcasts are the main content type. Broadcasts are the ongoing content for Shows, and should be created each time a show "happens" (based on its airtimes). They look like Posts, but they are organized under their Shows.

Broadcasts can be created manually just like Post and Pages. DJs may want to create a broadcast before their show in order to post a recording for the station's automation system, or to promote their upcoming broadcast.

Broadcasts can also be automatically created:

  • Creek's show archiving system creates broadcasts, and attaches the audio to them.
  • Incoming music data from automation systems creates broadcasts. Any music that was played during the show is added to the broadcast as list of song titles (a Playlist).

Found under: Control Panel > Tools > Broadcasts


Shows have Broadcasts, hosts, and airtimes (that place them on the schedule). Each Show gets its own page on the website. Each show page will have a list of broadcasts, the hosts, an image for the show, and other information.

Found under: Control Panel > Tools > Shows


Pages are normally used for the main fixtures of the website: About, Contact, Donate, Our History, Board of Directors, etc.

Found under: Control Panel > Tools > Pages


These are for articles, news, or posts. They appear in the posts or news section of the public website.

Posts have:

  • A date: they're time sensitive.
  • An author: they have a person associated with them.
  • One or more Categories.

Use these for general announcements, for featured bands, for general news, and for things that are not content of Shows (where instead you should use Broadcasts).

Found under: Control Panel > Tools > Posts


These are like posts, but have "event dates" associated with them.

Found under: Control Panel > Tools > Events


You edit these in Tools > Categories. They are those links at the top of the Posts area. They are also the genres for shows.

Found under: Control Panel > Tools > Categories