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Written by
Travis Bernard
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Design projects

Written by
Travis Bernard

Need design work? Consider working directly with Creek. We build station websites!

For more about Creek Station Projects, and ours hand-on development workshops, read our full article.

Design project types:

  • Designing new Creek-powered websites for radio stations.
  • Building WordPress-based websites that are integrated with the Creek platform with the Creek WordPress Plugin.
  • Quick upgrades on station websites that use Creek.

Website integration

We also routinely integrate Creek with existing websites based on WordPress or custom code. This brings Creek's radio components into yout website, including the show schedule, audio player, broadcasts, archives, playlists, and DJ profiles.

However, if your site is entirely based on Creek's platform, we have a lot more flexibility to make your radio experience awesome for your listeners.

Past projects

  • — KWMR in Point Reyes, CA — WordPress website + Creek platform. Based on a design provided by KWMR staff, with extensive HTML work, and integration with the Creek website platform.

  • — Best Frequencies Forever in San Francisco. — Website design + Creek platform.

  • — Community radio in Chico, CA. — Website design + Creek platform.

  • — Community radio in Portland, OR. — Creek platform + design by Matt Blanks.


Design work is billed hourly for small projects. Larger projects we tend to wrap into very reasonable, fixed-price contracts.

Project budgets range from $600 to $4000, depending on complexity.

Station projects!

We often wrap design work into a station project — where we can also connect your studio equipment and software to Creek, train you and your volunteers, and help with your online strategy. More about this here.