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Written by
Travis Bernard
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Finding a domain name

Written by
Travis Bernard

The domain name is a critical first step for getting your station online.

Useful tips

The shorter the better.

Think about how this domain will potentially be hand-typed and hand-written thousands of times. A long domain name like will make it agonizing for people to find your website.

Below are a few good examples of short domain names.


Pick a good registration company

Try companies like DreamHost and Gandi for your domain registration needs.

GoDaddy works, too, but keep in mind that their image has lately gotten a bit negative.

Get a dot-org for organizations

If your station is also an organization, see if is available ‐ where xxxx is your call sign. Example: If this is available, you should definitely buy it, whether you use it or not. Secure your brand against domain squatters and future confusion!

If you are not a strict 501c3 organization, but still do community service and take donations, a dot-org still works great.

And really, there are no actual rules governing dot-org domains. Anyone can register one. It's just about what you want to convey to your audience.

Think outside the (call sign) box!

You are not limited to your 4-letter call sign!

One very successful station called (in Portland, OR) put aside their call letters as a necessary formality, and went with a creative and, more importantly, memorable brand name.

Dot-FM domain names

Dot-fm domain names are a great option.

  • The best places to get a dot-fm domain are:

  • They are worth the cost, because:

    • There are more creative names available available — and therefore plenty of creative branding opportunities., anyone?

    • They really say radio.