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Written by
Travis Bernard
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Written by
Travis Bernard

We want your station to be strong and self-sufficient. Gathering donations from your supporters is a great way to do this.


Donation features include:

  • Single donations
  • Recurring donations
  • Donations can have custom amounts.
  • Donors get their own account page with donation history.
  • A white-label donation page with no branding.


Creek's white-label donation system uses Stripe to take money from credit and debit cards. You'll need to create a Stripe account.

Donate page

Your donate page is located here:

  • Or:

Replace with your domain name.

If you create a page with short-name donate it will replace the donate page. Somewhere on this page, you can then link to the actual donate form, located at

Make sure to use the link starting with "https://" so that your page is secure.

Using PayPal?

Creek does not yet integrate directly with PayPal. (Instead, we use Stripe for seamless, white-label credit card processing.)

However, you can easily include PayPal donate buttons on your Creek website:

  1. Create a page with the short name donate-with-paypal (or anything else).
  2. Make sure that the page editor is set to HTML mode.
  3. Insert the HTML code for your PayPal donate buttons into the page.
  4. Save the page.
  5. Check it out.

If you need any help with design work for integrating PayPal, contact us!