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Written by
Travis Bernard
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Getting Started with Creek

Written by
Travis Bernard

Hey there! This tutorial will lead you through setting up your new station.

This is especially tailored for stations who use Creek for building playlists, show schedules, and managing a group of DJs.

Playlist Editor

Creek HQ and Control Panel.

To start working on your station, sign in to the Creek HQ with your email address and password.

Then, click the button to hop over to the Control Panel to start working with your station.

Creek HQ

The HQ is where you administer your station, and it contains:

Control Panel

The Control Panel is where you actually use your station:

  • Posting content.
  • Building the website.
  • Creating a schedule.
  • Managing users.
  • Adding playlists.

Direct to Control Panel:

You and the DJs at your station can access the Control Panel directly at its own address.

(Just replace your-station-name)

Or, if you have a custom domain connected to Creek:

First Step: Build your schedule (and accounts).

You will need to build your show schedule (or program schedule) in order to start using Creek. Also, any DJs or hosts will need accounts, and these accounts must be connected to their shows.

Two methods: Invites, or by hand

There are two ways to do this, and you can use a mix of both:

  • Invite DJs to create their own shows (programs) and accounts.
  • Manually create shows and add accounts to them.
Shows only need user accounts attached if they have DJs or hosts. For example, automated shows don't need user accounts since they only receive music information from your automation system.

A. Invite people to create their own shows and accounts.

  1. Sign in to the Control Panel.

  2. Go to Tools > Accounts.

  3. Click the Invite button.

  4. This will give an invite link to your station's Control Panel. This invite link will allow people to create their own shows and accounts. Keep it secret, since this link lets anyone create a show and account. (You can reset it if needed.)

  5. Add airtimes to the shows. A manager (you) will need to place the shows onto the schedule, by going to Tools > Shows. Click the spaces on the schedule editor, and select the shows that have already been created (rather than typing in new shows, which will create duplicates).

  6. Once you add these already-created shows to the schedule, your DJs should be ready to sign in and start working. Continue to the Shows, Broadcasts, and Playlists section below.

B. Manually create shows and accounts.

Each DJ will need to have both an account and a show with that account attached.

Shows, Broadcasts, and Playlists

To start adding playlists (and audio, and other content) for your shows, first we'll need to understand the basic structure of Creek's radio content.

Basic Structure

  • Shows are the main objects. They are the radio programs at the heart of your station.
  • Shows are placed on the Schedule through Airtimes.
  • Shows have Broadcasts, which are the main, recurring content for shows. Each time a show happens, there should be a broadcast for that date.
  • Broadcasts have content, media, and playlists.

Adding Playlists - Live shows, by hand

This is the process that DJs will follow each time they do their show live.

  1. Go to the station website at — or at your own domain, if you have one connected to your Creek station.
  2. Sign in. You will be taken to the Control Panel.
  3. Your show should be listed on the right side. (If it's not, then your account is not yet connected to your show.)
  4. Create a broadcast. The quick way is to just click Add Broadcast.
  5. Give the broadcast a title.
  6. Optionally, give it some text or media.
  7. Important: Make sure that the date and time for this broadcast are correct.
  8. Click the Add Playlist button.
  9. You will be taken to the Playlist Editor. Playlist Editor
  10. Here, you can add tracks by entering their artist, title, album, and label.
  11. Make sure that the start time for this current track is correct. For live playlisting, try turning on "auto time" by clicking the Now button. This will enter the time automatically.
  12. You can also preload tracks beforehand. (You can preload tracks at any time before you do your show — not just right before. This helps with doing live shows, since you don't need to rush and type everything in-between songs.)
  13. Once you click Add Track, it's added to the playlist below.
  14. You can edit previous tracks by clicking on them in the list at the bottom.

Adding Playlists - Through Automation

You can push music information (metadata) to Creek through your studio automation system.

Setting up automation

Most automation systems have a way of sending tracks to a platform like Creek.

Please check out the list of tutorials for various automation systems, here.


Now that you have your schedule built, and your DJs have accounts and access to start building playlists, your station should be ready for action.

Need any more help with this?

We're always here to lead you through things. Just ask us for help!

Tutorial Slideshow

KUSF, at the University of San Francisco, produced this slideshow for their DJs who are using Creek.

View Slideshow Here — It's in PDF form. Designed by Basile Inman.