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Written by
Travis Bernard
Creek > New Station: Initial Set-up       Introduction

New Station: Initial Set-up

Written by
Travis Bernard

1. Create a station

If you haven't already created a station, please email us to get started.

2. Add Media Storage

You will need to install this part first, since Creek uses your own S3 cloud file storage to store all of your station's media. This helps to greatly reduce storage pricing (usually less than $20/mo to archive a year's worth of audio).

Go to S3 tutorial >

3. Add shows and hosts

Check out the main tutorial here:

Go to our Getting Started (for DJs) tutorial >

4. Create a stream

Then, sign into the Creek HQ, and add the Stream tool in the Creek HQ, edit the tool's settings to add the stream address.

Go to our "$5/mo Stream" tutorial >

5. Connect with WordPress


Are you using WordPress for your station website? Great! We have you covered.

We provide an easy plugin to connect Creek with WordPress, which adds your Creek content and radio tools to your WordPress website.

Go to our WordPress tutorial >

6. Set up Audio Archives


If you want, Creek can automatically publish your studio's audio archives of each show on your website.

NOTE: You will need DigitalOcean Spaces (or Amazon S3) connected to your station in order to use archives (see step above).

Go to our Archives tutorial >

7. Connect with automation software


By connecting to automation software, you can send the current song titles (music medatadata) to your Creek website to display the current song.

Go to our Automation tutorial >