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Written by
Travis Bernard
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Adding Managers

Written by
Travis Bernard

Manager accounts can access all functions in the control panel. That includes creating other users, and editing the content that other users have created.

Manually creating a new manager

  1. Go to TOOLS > Accounts.
  2. First, check to make sure that the user does not already have an account. Click the Find box and try typing part of their email address. If they do have an account, then just click it and change their role to Manager.
  3. Otherwise, go ahead and click the Add User button.
  4. Enter an email address, username, and password for this account. The other information like first and last name, phone, etc. are optional and they can enter that themselves once they sign in (by editing their own Profile).
  5. Find the Role selector. Change it to Manager.
  6. If they have any shows, connect them to this person by clicking the show selector box.
  7. Save the user.
  8. Give the password to the person for which you created this account.