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Written by
Travis Bernard
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Pages and Redirects

Written by
Travis Bernard

Creek includes a simple page editor. Use this area to maintain pages for About and Contact, and any others that you'd like.

Creating a new page

To create new pages:

  1. Sign in to the control panel.
  2. Click Tools > Pages.
  3. Create a new page.
  4. Add a title and short-name.
  5. Add some content.
  6. When you are done, click Save.

Editor mode

You can switch between a simple text editor, and an HTML editor.


If you need a page to simply redirect to another address, then enter it in Redirect field.


Other page settings

  • Active: This means that the page is available to the public. Uncheck this to disable a page.
  • Unlisted: Lists of pages in the theme will leave this page out by default. This inCreek includes a pages in a list.
  • Ignore Theme Template: When active, this page will start as a plain, completely blank HTML page, with no HTML content from the theme. To use this, you'll also want to enable the HTML editor (see editor mode above).

Page addresses and special paths

Creek makes pages accessible at their short-name. Though many short-names are resevered. For more about this, continue below.

Short-name is the path

Pages that you create will use the short-name as an address:


Basic Pages (About, Contact)

Creek's default templates come with links that already point to a few pages:

  • About
  • Contact

In order to make sure these links continue to work, make sure that there is always an About and Contact page (with the short names: about and contact).

Special reserved short names

There are a few URLs included in Creek that already point to specific parts of the station, like the shows. These links cannot be replaced or overwritten.


Donation page

Creek comes with a pre-built donation page. You can find it at:

(Note: Replace with the domain of your station.)

Replacing the support-us page

If you create a page with the short-name of donate or support-us then it will replace the support-us page. You can always link back to the support-us page from within this new donate page.