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Written by
Travis Bernard
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RadioDJ Events (Scheduling)

Written by
Travis Bernard

This is the basic tutorial for setting up Events in RadioDJ. Use Events in RadioDJ to schedule broadcasts. If you missed the introductory and setup tutorial, check it out here.

Set up an Event

  1. Click Options > Events (or click the three dashes - - - next to it) to load the Events List.
    • Event interface
  2. With the Events List up, click on the green plus to start an event. Give it a name.
  3. Click on the green plus (to the right) to open "Event Actions" window.
  4. Under Playlist > Load a Track, and the Tracks List window will appear. Select a track, click Add. Click Add Action.
  5. Click on the green plus again, under Playback > Start Playing > Add Action.
  6. Change the Event Hour for desired event (show) to air. Click Add Event ? success!
  7. Click Close. The event will air when scheduled and begin playing.