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Written by
Travis Bernard
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RadioDJ Integration

Written by
Travis Bernard

You can set up RadioDJ to automatically send music information to Creek when tracks are played.

Find the "Playing Info" plugin settings

  1. Open RadioDJ.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Click PLUGINS
  4. Find Playing Info - Now Playing Info Exporter x.x.x.x — click it, and then click Settings at the bottom.

Enter the settings

  • URL: Change to your Creek station address (rather than your custom domain, if you have one). Then, change API_KEY to your API key, found in your Control Panel settings.
  • Password: (greyed out)

  • Custom Data: &artist=$artist$&title=$title$&album=$album$&year=$year$

  • Method: GET (CUSTOM)

  • Enable: Checked

Test it out

  1. Sign in to your station's Control Panel.
  2. Make sure that there is a show scheduled for the current time. You can check at TOOLS > Shows
  3. Go to TOOLS > Tracks
  4. You should see the tracks appear here, attached to a broadcast for the current show.
Reminder: There must be a show scheduled for the current time, otherwise incoming tracks will be ignored. All tracks must be attached to shows.

Word filter

If unintended tracks are coming through (like station branding, call signs, advertisements) you can tell Creek to filter these in your Control Panel settings based on certain words or phrases. Look for the Tracks API settings and keyword filter.

Run into issues?

If you run into any weird issues, contact us at