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Written by
Travis Bernard
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RadioDJ Introduction

Written by
Travis Bernard

This introduction will cover the following topics:

  • Install stream plugin
  • Set up stream server

Install Stream plugin

  1. Download the stream plugin, Altacast.
  2. After download completes, locate the file, then right-click to unzip/extract.
  3. Go inside the folder you just unzipped, and copy: Plugins folder and bassenc.dll
  4. Locate the installation folder for RadioDJ (That's likely C:\Program Files (x86)\RadioDJ on Windows 7 and higher). Go inside that folder and paste those plugin files.
  5. Start up RadioDJ.

Set up Stream server

  1. With RadioDJ running, click on Options > Plugins > AltaCast > click Settings.


  1. Change Plugin Zone to 2, click Ok.


  1. Close Plugins window.

  2. Click on dropdown menu > AltaCast.


  1. Click on green plus and enter your Icecast/Shoutcast stream settings.


  1. Enter your Icecast/Shoutcast server information:
    (Note: these settings will assume you are using a Creek Icecast Stream Server)

    Encoder Title: give it a unique name, e.g. Stream
    kbps (bitrate): 96 kbps
    Sample Rate: 44100.
    Encoder type: MP3/MP3 Lame
    Server type: ICECast v2
    Server IP: e.g.
    Port: 8000
    User: source
    Password: (the password you created/received for Creek Icecast server)
    MountPoint: /stream
    Reconnect: 30
    Encoder Enabled: check.

  2. Done!