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Written by
Travis Bernard
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Integrating with Radiologik

Written by
Travis Bernard

Radiologik can send the music metadata to Creek, and get automatically published on the website and added to the Tracks database.

You must have a show scheduled during the current time for this to work.

Edit Radiologik settings

  1. Go to Radiologik DJ > Preferences > Advanced.
  2. Find the CustomPublishURL field.
  3. Enter this URL, modifying the domain and the key:<t>&artist=<a>&album=<l>
  4. Restart RadioLogik to make sure that the new settings are in place. You may get "Error 22" if not.
  5. When you play a track, it will be sent to Creek, and added to the playlist for a broadcast under the current show. If there isn't a current show, then the track will be discarded.