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Written by
Travis Bernard
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Written by
Travis Bernard

Shows are the programs make up your station's broadcasting content.

  • Shows have broadcasts, and broadcasts have tracks.
  • Shows also have Hosts (or DJs) who create broadcasts for the show.
  • Shows have airtimes (but not necessarily).
  • The show schedule as a whole gives structure to the station.

Adding Shows Quickly: Invite hosts and DJs

If you have several hosts or DJs, invite them to enter their own information for you. Send them an invite link that lets them create their show and host account, and get started publishing content fast.

  1. Sign in as a manager at your station.
  2. Go to Tools > People > Accounts.
  3. Click Invite (next to the Add User button).
  4. Copy the Invite link.
  5. Send this invite link to people at the station. Ask them to fill it out to create their account and show.

It's a good idea to check out the invite link yourself, so that you can answer any questions that come up. It takes them to a "Create your show" page.

Adding Shows by Hand

  1. Go to Shows.
  2. Click Add Show.
  3. Enter a title, short name, short description, full description, and optionally an image.
  4. Enter the airtimes.
  5. Click Save.

Adding Hosts to Shows (from the User editor)

  1. Create the show first.
  2. Go to Tools > Shows > Accounts.
  3. Find the user that you want to add as host.
  4. Click inside the Shows selector box, and select the show.
  5. Click Save.

Adding Hosts to Shows (from the Show editor)

  1. Create the show first.
  2. Go to Tools > Shows.
  3. In the Hosts drop-down, select the user that you want to add as host.
  4. Click Save.


Use airtimes to place shows into the show schedule.

You can enter times like "3pm", or "15:00:00", or "3:00PM".

Example schedule

  • Show 1: 12:00am - 2:00pm
  • Show 2: 2:00pm - 3:00pm
  • Show 3: 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Add airtimes

  • Navigate to the edit page for a show.
  • Click Add.
  • Enter the times.
  • Click Add Airtime.

Midnight and After Midnight

For midnight, enter: midnight

For times after midnight, use the format: 27:00:00

Example: Add an airtime that goes from 11:00pm to 6:00am by entering a start time of 11pm, and an end time of 30:00:00.

Since the programming day may effectively end at 2:00am (or 1:00am, etc.), when the last person leaves and locks the door, it makes sense to accomodate for this in the scheduling system and consider it as the same day. You can put both show airtimes and time slots (for the daily schedules) after midnight.

Weekday Rules

If multiple shows alternate on the same time of the week, use weekday rules instead of entering them as one show.

Example: Show A could be on every First, Third, and Fifth Monday from 2:00-3:00pm, and Show B on every Second and Fourth Monday from 2:00-3:00pm.

If two or more shows alternate on the 2:00-3:00pm Monday time, but it is not certain which (N-th) Monday of the month, set them all to Any Monday.

Short Name

This is the most important piece of info for each show. The short name should not be changed later on unless absolutely necessary. It must be lowercase, no spaces, nothing but letters, numbers, and dashes. It must be unique for your station. There can't be another show at your station with this short name in the future.

The short name is used for the show's web address (URL) and for its folder in your file storage (S3). If the short name is changed, bookmarks to that show's homepage will be broken, and the show's MP3 files in file storage will become unlinked: all past audio for this show will be broken links. In some cases, you can fix this by renaming the folder in the file storage to the new short name, but don't rely on this option.


To give the show an image:

  1. Click the "Featured Image" button.
  2. Select an image for your show.
  3. Once done, save the show.
Square images work best i.e. the image has the same width and height in pixels.


The short description is shown on the show schedule on the website. The full description goes on the show's main page.

Web Address for Shows

Each show can be found at their own page at:

Removing Outdated Shows

Unless the show has no broadcasts, never rename a show to change the schedule. Keep shows intact. Otherwise, the show archive becomes a confusing mess of new shows mixed with remnants of old shows.

To switch a show for a new one:

  1. Make the old show inactive.
  2. Add a new show.
  3. Give the new show the same airtimes as the old one.


Creek automatically creates a podcast for each show. To add an episode to the podcast, create a Broadcast that has one MP3 attached.

Requirements for podcasts:

  • Each broadcast must have one MP3 file attached. If there are multiple MP3 files, we will try to insert them in the podcast, but it will likely not work in many podcast downloading programs (iTunes, Juice).
  • Your logo must be square, with a recommended size of 1200x1200 pixels.
  • Videos are not included in the podcast.