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Written by
Travis Bernard
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SoundExchange Reporting Services

Written by
Travis Bernard

Creek handles SoundExchange reporting for radio stations around the United States.

This article explains our process, our reporting services, and our pricing.


We solve the reporting headache by giving your station hands-on help tailored to your unique situation.

  1. We personally talk to your station, and determine what you need for SoundExchange compliance.
  2. We go over any emails that you have received from SoundExchange.
  3. We talk about your studio hardware, to find the best ways to retrieve the required data to build reports.
  4. After assembling the required information, we write a reporting plan for your station, and start work.
  5. When your reports are due, just email us, and we will generate any reports that you need. Or, if you have Managed Reporting, we'll take it from here, and let you know when each report is submitted for you!

Technical info needed

In order to produce logs, we will need two major sources of data from your studio:

  • An ongoing data stream of song information, often from an automation system.
  • Stats or log files from your stream.

For more about this, please see our full article here: SoundExchange Studio Requirements

Managed Reporting

This is our We Do Everything service. Just sit back, and let us take care of everything:

  • We submit the monthly and quarterly reports on SoundExchange Licensee Direct.
  • We will gather listener statistics from your stream, required for your SoundExchange Reports of Use.
  • We fix missing song data in your spreadsheets by hand.

Then, all you will need to do is establish an account with SoundExchange, send the $500 minimum fee check to SoundExchange (along with any other fees owed to them), and work with our reporting engineers to collect the data needed for your reports.

Managed Pricing

  • A flat rate of $10 for each Report of Use that we compile and submit for you.

    • If you are an FM station, then you only need quarterly reports. If you are a commercial Internet Radio station, then you need to submit monthly.
  • Royalty calculations are included for free.

Pricing Summary


  • $550 per year, per stream.
  • Free month.
  • Free activation.
  • $10 per report submission.
  • 1 free hour of installation work ($50 per hour for more).
  • Includes Radio Website Tools - See below for more.


  • $50 per month, per stream.
  • $10 per report submission.
  • One-time $100 activation cost for our set-up work (includes 2 hours of work).
  • Additional installation work for $50 per hour.
  • Includes Radio Website Tools - See below for more.

How to Start Reporting

To get started with reporting, please email us at

Includes Radio Website Tools

All reporting plans include radio website tools. Not just tack-on "extra features" for our sales pitch! Creek is a radio website platform, developed from the ground up to improve radio websites. This is why we developed Creek in the first place!

Website tools include:

  • Audio Toolbar with current show and song.
  • Automatic Audio Archives: Turn those shows into On-Demand audio.
  • Show Schedules: A beautiful, mobile-friendly show schedule.
  • Playlists: Each song played, during each show, made available on your website.
  • Donation tools for nonprofits.
  • Integration with WordPress — or any other website platform.
  • So... much... more.