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Written by
Travis Bernard
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Integrating Tracks with Spinitron

Written by
Travis Bernard

Spinitron is a comprehensive, feature-packed toolset for reporting tracks that DJs are using.

You can easily send Spinitron's tracks over to Creek's track database by using Spinitron's Metadata Push feature.

  1. Sign in to your Spinitron administration area.
  2. Click Admin in the top toolbar.
  3. Select Metadata push.
  4. For the settings:
    • Enabled: ON
    • Template:
    • Username: (blank)
    • Password: (blank)
    • Default duration: (whatever you want, but 360 seconds is an okay value)
    • Max duration: (again, whatever you want, but 900 seconds is an okay value)
  5. Click Save new channel
  6. Watch the Creek Control Panel to see if they are coming on for the current show's broadcast. (There must be a current show for it to work.)