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Written by
Travis Bernard
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Integrating with StationPlaylist

Written by
Travis Bernard
  1. Open StationPlaylist Studio.
  2. Click View > Options.
  3. Click the Now Playing tab.
  4. Activate the "URL 1" checkbox.
  5. In the input to the right, paste this URL:
  6. Replace in this URL with the domain of your station.
  7. Replace API_KEY_HERE with the API key for your station. See the API Keys tutorial for where to find the key.
  8. Save the settings (click Close).

Then, check your station's website for track updates. It should automatically create a broadcast (or use an existing one) for the current show, and start attaching tracks to it, creating a playlist of past music. One issue though is that the tracks must be attached to a broadcast, so if there isn't a show scheduled, then the tracks won't show up either.