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Written by
Travis Bernard
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Tracks and Playlists

Written by
Travis Bernard

You can build playlists that contain information about each song played during a broadcast.

Playlist Editor

First: Create a broadcast

Playlists belong to broadcast, so you need to create a broadcast first. (If you already have a broadcast, then skip this step.)

  1. Click Tools > Broadcasts.
  2. Click Add Broadcast.
  3. Make sure that the correct date and time for the broadcast is selected.
  4. If you have more than one show, make sure that you select the right show.
  5. Optionally, add some text or media to the broadcast.

Add the playlist

  1. If you aren't already, make sure that you are on the broadcast editor for the intended broadcast.
  2. Click the Add Playlist button.
  3. You'll be taken to the playlist editor.
  4. Enter the track information — artist, album, title, label, and so on.
  5. Make sure that it has the right time.
  6. Click Add Track.

Track times

It is important to pay attention to the track time of each track.

Live shows

Try using the live button to make the clock update with the current time.

Prerecorded shows

Just make sure that the times reflect the actual future play times — supposing they were played during your recording on the broadcast date.

Also, check out the "fix track times" tool. You can use this to record your show as if it were live, but at an earlier time of your choosing. Just enter the tracks with the current time. Then, after you are done, just shift all the track times to the correct hour.

Preloading tracks

If you have a live show, make things easier by loading up tracks beforehand. Then, when you actually play the music, you just need to click the preloaded track, and enter the times.

Check out the track-preloading tutorial.

Playlist time shift: fixing all track times at once

Need to fix all the track times?

Check out the "fix track times" tutorial for how to use this tool.

This is useful for instances where:

  • All of track times were entered on the wrong date.
  • All the tracks in a playlist need to be shifted forward or back a few minutes.

Data fields

This is the song information available:

  • Time played: When you started playing this song.
  • Time ended: When you stopped it. (Available if you re-edit a track.)
  • Title.
  • Artist.
  • Album.
  • Label.
  • Length (Optional. Otherwise taken from the start and end times.)
  • Track number.
  • Link: a web page link associated with this track. Good for linking to a band's homepage, for example.

Sending out metadata - Icecast, Tune-in, etc.

Creek can send out the metadata to various services.

Check out the article about this here.