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Written by
Travis Bernard
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Fix track times

Written by
Travis Bernard

Need to fix all the track times at once?

The playlist time fixer is useful for when:

  • All of track times were entered on the wrong date.
  • All the tracks in a playlist need to be shifted forward or back a few minutes.

Accessing it

  1. The track time fixer is per-broadcast, so navigate to the broadcast to which the tracks belong.
  2. Click Edit Playlist or click the link to its playlist.
  3. Inside the playlist editor, click the Tools button.
  4. Click Fix track times.

Using it

  1. First, navigate to it (see above).
  2. On the track time fixer's page, check out the preview. The track times are shifted all-at-once to match the broadcast's start-date and time.
  3. "Nudge them" by a few minutes to where the tracks actually started in the broadcast. (You can use a decimal number for approximate seconds.) By default, the track times will start at the start time of the broadcast. For example, if the broadcast is at 8:00pm, then the first track will start at 8:00pm, the second track at 8:04pm, and so on.
  4. Once they look okay, click Confirm Time Changes.