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Written by
Travis Bernard
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User account roles

Written by
Travis Bernard

Creek has several user roles (user groups or levels) that give people access to certain parts of the control panel.

All user roles

  • Admin: Access to everything. Special account that you can access through the manager center. Hidden from the Contact List.
  • Manager: Access to everything.
  • Editor: Access to Posts, Broadcasts, Events, Media, Comments, Categories, and the Contact List. Can see and edit everyone's content.
  • Host: Access to Posts, Broadcasts, Tracks, Media, Comments, the Contact List, and the Today screen. Can only see and edit their own content.
  • Designer: Access to Themes, Versions, and Pages.
  • Public: Access only to posting comments and editing their own profile.

Managers vs. Admin

  • There can only be one admin account.
  • Admins are not listed in the Contact List, while managers are.