• Summer 2011
    Travis Bernard started volunteering at KRBS in Oroville, CA.
  • Winter 2011
    During board meeting, Erv Knorzer (founder of KRBS) gives Travis an assignment: "build the web-based interface" for KRBS.
  • February 2012
    Registered "creek.fm" domain name.
  • March 2012
    "Creek.fm" website launched.
    Later renamed Creek in July 2014, see below.
  • August 2012
    Started working with KZFR 90.1 FM in Chico, CA to build their website and radio scheduling software.
    Used by radio hosts and DJs to schedule the content that is played and read "out loud" on the air. This scheduling system then became the backbone of the Creek.fm platform.
  • January 2013
    Began FM broadcasting work with KROV 91.1 FM in Oroville, CA to launch full-power FM station.
    Primarily, broadcast engineering for their Ubiquiti STL, which has Yagi-style directional antennas, connecting two Barix Extreamer 500s — the full system transmitting their signal over 12mi to their antenna site on a nearby mountain.
  • June 2013
    Launched the Creek.fm website and scheduling platform.
  • January 2013
    Started work with Common Frequency in Davis, CA, the LPFM (Low Power FM) advocacy organization.
  • March 2013
    Started work with XRAY.fm 91.1 FM in Portland, Oregon.
  • July 2014
    Officially changed name from "Creek.fm" to Creek
    We dropped the ".fm" from the name and updated all marketing, invoices, and communications to reflect our new, simpler name.
  • July 2014
    Announced on media including Facebook and Reddit.
    Shared widely by Prometheus Radio on Facebook, and announced on radio-related Facebook groups. Began cold-calling stations to see if they were interested.
  • July 2014
    Incorporated as Creek, LLC in California. Headquarted in Oroville, CA.
  • 2017
    Acquired RadioActivity.fm