Live Streaming

Internet radio broadcasting for radio stations.

Simulcast Specialists

We work with FM, AM, and Shortwave radio stations around the world to help them broadcast online. Need help with online broadcasting? Contact us.

  RDS + Car Radios

Creek can send metadata to your Radio Data System (RDS) hardware to display the current song information on compatible radios in vehicles.

Radio Automation Compatible

Integrate Creek with your current in-studio radio automation software, to display the current song on your website, along with playlists for each show.

STL Set-up

Connect your studio to your radio antenna site. We do network engineering for Studio Transmitter Links (STLs), including set-up of broadcasting hardware from Barix, Ubiquiti, and other manufacturers.

High Listener Capacity

Streams start at 500 simultaneous listeners, and can scale up to tens of thousands of live listeners with our enterprise infrastructure deployments.

Enterprise Streaming

We build scalable infrastructure for large organizations. From complex networking situations and redundant fail-over systems, to custom, on-premises deployments on your local hardware. Contact us.

Icecast Compatible

Compatible with Icecast and Shoutcast stream sources.

Listener Reports

Generate statistics for number of listeners by time ranges.

Music Licensing

We build and submit reports for SoundExchange, BMI, ASCAP, and others.

Website Integration

Install our live stream player on your website. We also build radio websites for media organizations. See our website platform for more.

Open Source

Want to host it yourself? We build open source streaming platforms on your own infrastructure. See our Open Stream Project for one example.

Start streaming live.

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